PS5 Pro: all the latest on rumored specs, price, and release date speculation (2024)

PS5 Pro: all the latest on rumored specs, price, and release date speculation (1)

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While the PS5 Pro has yet to be revealed by Sony, it's looking increasingly likely that we'll see a mid-generation upgrade soon - possibly as imminently as later this year (2024).

Sony has previous form when releasing new console variants, of course - the launch PS5 is now being replaced by the PS5 Slim as we speak. More pointedly however, the last generation saw the console giant release a more powerful variant of the PlayStation 4 - the PS4 Pro - offering a more performant machine, and one that could offer heightened and enhanced experiences with almost all PS4 games.

Allegedly known internally as 'Project Trinity' Sony is keeping officially confirmed details very close to its chest and has not said anything publicly about a new PS5 console, but the rumors and well-sourced information are stacking up, with much of it pointing toward a beefier console, perhaps more capable in terms of frame rates, upscaling, and ray-tracing - to arrive in late 2024. Here's everything we know about the PS5 Pro.

PS5 Pro release date and price

PS5 Pro: all the latest on rumored specs, price, and release date speculation (2)

Neither the PS5 Pro release date nor price has been confirmed - we need to say that right off the bat. However, the latest well-sourced PS5 Pro specs leak does heavily hint at a launch in time for, or 'on', Holiday 2024.

Looking back at the PS4 Pro's timeline, that console was announced in September 2016 and then arrived a mere two months later in November 2016. If Sony were to follow that same pattern, we'd have to hold tight for a bit longer for any news.

In terms of the PS5 Pro's price, it's much more educated guesswork as we have nothing to go on. We've recently seen the PS5 get a price hike with Sony blaming this on soaring inflation globally, so the PS5 currently costs £479.99 / €549.99 / AU$799.95. If we really had to have an educated guess, given the extra power potentially provided by the leaked specs, we'd think that the PS5 Pro won't follow suit as the PS4 Pro which launched at the original price of the base PS4 - we think the PlayStation 5 Preo could launch at something like $599 / £549 / AU$900-1,000. We'd stress that this is a bit of a guess though! Hopefully, we get some more concrete information on pricing soon.

PS5 Pro design

Chances are, the PS5 Pro will be physically larger than the standard PS5 if we take the leap between the PS4 and PS4 Pro for example. Given the fact that the PS5 is already a big boy, thanks to its curved side plates and tall structure, a PS5 Pro could be physically taller and thicker to compensate for any beefer hardware inside as well as any required increase in the size of the cooling solution.

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It's unlikely that Sony would completely abandon the side plate design of the PS5, as it makes the console easy to open up to clean out the fans and install an SSD for PS5 - surely something that won't be removed in any PS5 Pro design.

PS5 Pro specs

PS5 Pro: all the latest on rumored specs, price, and release date speculation (4)

While this was an area that was harder to predict in the past, the most recent PS5 Pro specs leak and information does at least give us something of moderate substance to point to. The leak was reportedly straight from the internal Developer Network so is couched in some genuine-looking authenticity, presenting a list of facts about the new console that informs developers about the particulars of the machine.

One promising line from the source was that "When running on Trinity, PlayStation 5 titles can support higher resolution and frame rate." Beyond that, and in terms of specifics, other specs and details were highlighted:

  • 45% increase in raw rendering power over the standard PS5
  • Two to four times boost in ray-tracing
  • Sony's own proprietary upscaling tech - "PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution"
  • Support for 8K resolutions
  • "Custom architecture for machine learning"
  • A GPU offering a massive 33.5 teraflops of power

PS5 Pro - FAQs

Do we even need a PS5 Pro?

Technically, no, but in future, we might see developers encounter more hurdles due to the PS5’s aging hardware that results in noticeable compromises in games, like lower frame rates or resolutions. A PS5 Pro could revitalize a lot of older games if they get enhanced as we saw on PS4 Pro, and the additional horsepower should ensure that newer titles aren’t held back, either.

Should I wait for a PS5 Pro or just buy a PS5?

You’ll always get a better deal if you wait, that’s just the nature of technology. However, the PS5 is an excellent console that has great games you can play right now. Yes, a PlayStation 5 Pro will be able to provide a better overall experience, but just think how much fun you’ll be missing out on by waiting?

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PS5 Pro: all the latest on rumored specs, price, and release date speculation (2024)
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