Kaspersky Security Awareness Training | Kaspersky (2024)

Kaspersky Security Awareness: Flexible ways to train

Choose a single solution that addresses a specific security need, or let us provide packages that make it easy for you to launch and target training according to all your needs and priorities.

Security Awareness Essential

The hassle-free option to rise employees cybersecurity awareness – simple to set up, easy to manage

Who’s it for?

A straightforward automated solution featuring assessment, interactive learning, simulated phishing attacks and training for generalist IT for companies seeking to improve employees’ cybersecurity skills. It equips all employees with a good basic standard of knowledge to protect against different types of attacks involving human interaction, and meet regulatory or third-party requirements for general cybersecurity training.

Who’s it for?

Ideal for companies looking for comprehensive training for employees at every level, to drive security awareness and promote a cybersafety culture. It includes products that help employees develop specific skills to improve their cybersecurity behavior, covering every stage of the learning cycle from creating learning motivation and establishing current knowledge levels to automated learning and consolidation.

Security Awareness Ultimate

Ensures maximum cybersecurity awareness, featuring customization and managed services

Who’s it for?

Aimed at enterprises and national governments that understand the importance of a strong cybersafety culture and who want to be able to adapt comprehensive security awareness training to their very specific needs. This option includes all Security Awareness products and features of all organizational levels starting from the C-level, and offers customized content and advanced support for set-up and communications.


Sustainable changes in behavior take time, which is why we’ve built a learning cycle with multiple components to maximize results. It includes motivation, engagement, assessments, learning and consolidation.

Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation

Interactive game to challenge decision-makers’ perceptions of cybersecurity and enhance cooperation between business units. 12 industry scenarios plus the cyber diplomacy edition on complexities of technical attribution for non-techie experts.

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Gamified Assessment Tool

Online assessment quickly measures employees' cybersecurity skills and company's average security level against human-related incidents

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Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform

An online learning platform that helps safeguard your network security and protect your business. Administrators deliver training effortlessly with automated training management, and employees benefit from practical and engaging lessons that build their cyber skills.

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Kaspersky Cybersecurity for Executives Online Training

A practical online course that gives decision-makers and functional leads a better understanding of the cybersecurity landscape, and of the key connection between this landscape and business efficiency. The course also provides insights into the operational realities of building and applying cybersecurity strategies that benefit the entire organization.

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Cybersecurity for IT Online

Teaches your generalist IT staff first-level incident response skills – recognize an attack, conduct basic investigation, use of IT security tools

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Case study

Explore examples of Security Awareness solutions in action

Donau Chemie Group

The Group headquartered in Vienna employs people in 11 countries. The portfolio ranges from production and distribution of basic chemicals up to facilities for the development and production of consumer goods in the field of cosmetics, household and technology.

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Hochschule Mannheim

Mannheim University of Applied Sciences is one of Germany’s most respected academic institutions, specializing in science, technology and engineering. To engage students in cybersecurity, to help them acquire the strategic thinking skills needed to anticipate and judge how cybercrime might affect business and how to mitigate negative effects, the university has developed a close partnership with Kaspersky.

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Volkswagen Group Retail Spain

Volkswagen Group Retail Spain (VGRS) takes security of its systems and business continuity very seriously, so cybersecurity is an important issue in its day-to-day work. In addition to technical solutions, VGRS strives to ensure compliance with the best safety practices in the workplace. To raise awareness and educate staff on cybersecurity, VGRS chose the Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness platform

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Kaspersky Security Awareness Training | Kaspersky (2024)
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