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The Grave Warden Duelist is the boss of the Auriza Hero's Grave, located in far northeast section of the Capital Outskirts, just north of the entrance to Leyndell, Royal Capital along the bottom of a cliffside.

Crucible Knight and Crucible Knight Ordovis Boss Fight Tips

One Crucible Knight is enough of a pain, and this fight pits you against TWO of them. Make no mistake, this will be a very hard fight for almost any build, and you may have to come back later if you're having trouble getting at least one of them down consistently.


The regular Crucible Knight will be armed with a pronged spear, while Ordovis will be armed with his signature greatsword that has a unique special attack skill. Even if you've had practice dealing with one before, taking on two at once is nothing short of a pain due to the impossible reach of their weapons and hyper-aggressive attacking. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you bring in your most durable spirit summons to run interference - either grab both knights' attention long enough for you to get in major sweeping damage from behind, or try to blast down one of the knights while your summons holds their own against the second. We recommend the Greatshield Soldier Ashes due to their ability withstand lots of attacks - even from a Crucible Knight.

The regular Crucible Knight seems to have slightly less health and armor than Ordovis, but both will be strong contenders, giving you little chance for counterattacks.

If you've fought other Crucible Knights, you'll know they aren't weak to much, are rarely staggered, and can't be backstabbed. For this reason you'll want to pick your hits wisely and then be ready to dodge or block until the next window arrives. Crucible Knights usually get in 2-3 long attacks before a slight pause, giving you the chance to get in a single hit of your own (or a few more depending on your weapon speed). Don't get greedy, and bait out attacks that you know you can punish with your own.

The Spear Knight has a few quick pokes, and long sweeping blows with delayed hits you'll have to time before attacking back. It can also charge up its spear for a big magic attack that you'll need to expertly time to dodge.

At half health, it will grow wings to use in a flying lunge you can dodge and retaliate, and can also spawn a forearm blade to skewer you that is very lethal and unblockable - so timing your dodges is key.

Ordovis on the other hand will often engage in 2-3 long swings at a time, or stomp into an overhand slam and two spinning slashes you can dodge if timed well. Attacking after its 2-hit slashes, running thrust, or stomp and slam combo can give you small openings, as does its shield bash (but be wary of the delayed charge that can catch you if you dodge too early).

Ordovis can also utilize his unique greatsword ability to charge it up in a spinning slam attack that generates a small explosion. This is a good time to get a heal in if you need it, then a running jump attack as soon as the explosion is over to exploit the opening.


At half health, Ordovis will also grow wings and fly up for diving imapling swoop attacks you'll want to dodge.

You may also want to quickly close the distance as he'll start using tail swipes after getting distance on you, with the second one covering a huge portion of the room you need to dodge over. At this point, many of his 2-hit combos can also incorporate a tail sweep you need to block or be ready to dodge at moments notice, giving you less chances to poke him back.

As long as you can get one Knight down before your summon dies, you can win this fight as long as you take things slow. If your summon dies early, you'll need to constantly backpedal and hope one knight overtakes the other to get close and opens themselves up with an attack you can poke back and get back to retreating - staying for a moment longer invites the other knight to catch you off-guard and the two will make quick work of you.

Defeat them both, and you'll gain the full crucible knight set, including the Crucible Axe Helm, Crucible Axe Armor, Crucible Gauntlets, and Crucible Greaves -- and Ordovis's Greatsword as well!

Crucible Knight and Crucible Knight Ordovis

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Crucible Knight and Crucible Knight Ordovis (Auriza Hero's Grave Boss) - Elden Ring Guide - IGN (2024)
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