7 Best Postpartum Clothes That Are Ultra Comfy for New Moms (2024)

Looking for the best postpartum clothes that every Look no further than these picks!

It’s been a hot second since I’ve chatted about baby stuff. You see, I’ve been busy — super busy! — with wedding season and family life, so I’ve been mentally writing things down in my head but that… doesn’t count. :)

It feels like I’ve been blogging about baby things, but I realize now I’ve been too busy doing them and blogging in my mind, but that doesn’t count. Let’s say I’m behind-the-scenes doing it now and scribbling it down so I can report back later on what works and what doesn’t.

But one of the things that I am now able to report back on is… the best postpartum clothes.

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Best Postpartum Clothes: What Works vs. What Doesn’t

What makes good postpartum clothes? For one, it has to be comfy, 1000% percent. If it is not comfy and, instead, is itchy, has material that makes you pull down and over too many times, or you look in the mirror and don’t feel confident, it’s not worth it.

The best postpartum clothes move with you, feel good when you put them on, and make lounging even better.

Most people I know (including me, I’m most people) buy postpartum clothes cheap. As in, really cheap, just assuming who cares, I’m just wearing it for a short period of time and sleeping in most of it anyway, when I can sleep! I get that, I really do.

But what I’ve learned over time is that if you buy a better quality piece of clothing, or a small assortment of postpartum clothes for fall, winter, spring, or summer, it will fit your bod better because it’s made for that particular time in your life: you’re not quite pregnant, but may still look like you are. On the other hand, you may look postpartum, but you still don’t want to squeeze into a tight-fitting pair of jeans just yet.

Can you fit into your old clothes after pregnancy?

You may be able to, or it may take you more time.

Every body is different!

The biggest thing about postpartum clothes is the comfort level it provides while you’re resting, recovering, and getting into your new role as mom.

It’s not about being able to squeeze into those jeans again, but putting on clothes that make you feel good. And that’s why postpartum clothes are better than your old clothes for a period of time.

An t-shirt a few sizes larger than yourself may sound appealing, but it will really just hang off of you and likely make you feel very un-put-together. But a postpartum dress with a cute length and a little drawstring that makes you feel pulled together when you’re running errands? Now THAT can do wonders to your postpartum psyche, let me tell you! Even a loungewear outfit that feels nice on your skin and is made with cozy bamboo will make any lounge time that much better.

When to Buy Postpartum Clothes

You can buy postpartum clothes anytime, but the best time is while you’re pregnant before you put together your hospital bag. You’ll likely want to include a cute delivery gown like this or a pair of comfy bamboo pjs like these to wear at the hospital.

What to Wear Postpartum

After having my 3rd baby, I was pretty much a pro at figuring out what to wear postpartum: for the hospital, my bag was packed. For home, I had a pretty regular rotation of the comfiest clothes, I discovered the best kind of postpartum clothes that aren’t see through, and I even nailed the whole “postpartum but kind of put together” look for errands.

The only thing, though, is that I only recently discovered a brand that I would have loved to wear during my many months of maternity and postpartum but didn’t even know it existed.

Many of the maternity clothes you can buy at big-box stores tend to cost a lot of money, yet the quality isn’t quite there. One of the biggest complaints I would often find were sheer tops or worse, leggings that weren’t thick enough. I always wanted to find the best postpartum clothes that aren’t see through because, I really don’t think that’s a lot to ask. I want durable, long-lasting, comfy and itch-free clothes post-labor, am I right?!

The brand I’m referring to launched somewhere between kid one and two, and I’ve been using a pretty solid rotation of maternity favorites since then, so perhaps I wasn’t ready to part with my favorite tried-and-true basics.

But now that I know they exist, I am absolutely telling everyone I know because, well, I wish someone had whispered in my ear: these are the the best postpartum clothes you’ll wear.

In addition, they are, finally, postpartum clothes that aren’t see through so, you’re welcome. ;) They do exist after all! Ha!

Enough, Emma! Just tell us!

Ok, it’s Kindred Bravely.

Get acquainted with them. Better yet, if you’re newly pregnant, scope out their maternity line. IT IS MAGICAL. The materials they use are super-soft, luxurious-feeling, and will make you excited to get dressed.

Yes, read that line again. GET EXCITED TO GET DRESSED!

Getting dressed is one part of making yourself feel a little regular again, and even if you just select a few pieces, you’ll be able to mix-and-match and make it through postpartum feeling good. It’s not about how you look, it’s how you feel. You want to feel good so you can take care of your body and your baby. Both very important right now.

Okay, on to the list! I’ve compiled a list of the best postpartum clothes for fall, based on what I would have picked myself, and on TWO items I’ve had the pleasure of wearing myself (thanks, KB team!) I’ll note the ones I’ve tried in-person, and then I’ll share the other pieces that I think will look fab on you.

Let’s go! We both know your time is limited, and babe is waking from that nap soon! ;)

Comfiest Postpartum Clothes

1. Chloe Chunky Cardigan Sweater

I have tried this sweater in person (in Thyme) and let me tell you, when they say in the description that it is, “like wearing a hug”, that is 100% true. This cozy sweater is one of the best postpartum clothes I’ve ever laid eyes on, partially because we’re entering sweater weather and I want to layer ALL THE THINGS. You’ll want to wear it to bed. You probably will. It’s one part stylish, two parts cozy, and hides the tummy in a way that makes you feel like yourself again. I recommend this 1000% and think every newly pregnant mama needs one in her closet. If you think I’m not still rocking this thing everywhere I go, think again! ;)

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Pair it with…

2. The Best Postpartum Leggings

These leggings are AMAZING. That is all. You need a pair, stat. This is another piece of clothing I was able to try in person and they are everything you’re dreaming of in comfy postparum clothes: they make you look and feel so good, too! They are premium quality, not see through, will support a growing bump before or after birth, and hug all of your curves. The waist panel is extra-stretchy so it’s very comfortable for everyday wear. Get 2 pair!

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3. 2-in-1 Nursing & Maternity Knit Dress

This cute dress is perfect for wearing all fall season long — and beyond. It’s great for any season! The material is super-stretchy and has a pull-down neckline to make nursing easy. The shrug doubles a nursing cover, too! The material is akin to your fave lightweight sweater, so let’s just say it will be your new favorite go-to dress for postpartum. The shrug is detachable to reveal a sleeveless dress, so if you get too hot you can just remove it. Easy!

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4. Nursing and Maternity Dress

This is THE attire you want in your closet for when you’re feeling like dressing up just a bit: maybe a wedding, a date night, a quick errand run. Or maybe it’s hot outside and you want to be comfy and cute. Whatever the reason, this is one of the comfiest postpartum clothes on this list and… yes, it has pockets! Buy here.

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5. Bamboo Lounge Around Set

I would say this is probably one of the best gifts to give to a new mom: comfy postpartum loungewear she feels good wearing. Available in a few colors, this set is easy for nursing and is lightweight and breathable. I bet you won’t ever want to take off this set, so get a spare! Shop here.

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6. Bamboo Nursing Hoodie

This will be an essential go-to all fall season, sometimes the best postpartum clothes you’ll ever have! A hoodie that makes it easy to nurse, yet will keep you comfy and warm anytime of year. Get it here.

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7. Lounge Dress

Cute! A lounge dress you’ll love to wear around the house, out running errands, anywhere and everywhere. This is one of the best postpartum clothes you’ll find for lounging, as it’s made with supersoft premium bamboo fabric. Amazing. Get it now.

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BONUS: Postpartum Hands-Free Pumping Bra

I wish this existed when I was postpartum! Ahh! I many times told Andrew they should, “make a bra that can hold a pump”. Ta-da! They made it even better than I could have imagined. This is super-supportive and gives you the ability to multi-task with ease. Get it here.

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What do you think of these comfy clothes for postpartum? Which apparel do you think looks the comfiest? What would you recommend? Tell me about it in the comment box below!

To shop maternity and postpartum clothing, click here!

Happy Mamaing!


I received product to try in exchange for my honest review from Kindred Bravely. The quality speaks for itself!

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7 Best Postpartum Clothes That Are Ultra Comfy for New Moms (2024)
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