30 Baby Boy Names That Start With "R," From Classic To Unique (2024)

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30 Baby Boy Names That Start With "R," From Classic To Unique (1)


30 Baby Boy Names That Start With “R”

From Romeo and Rylan to Ross and Raul.

by Tiffany Eve Lawrence


Originally Published:

Whether you are close to bringing your new baby boy into the world or are just planning for the future, choosing your son’s name is exciting. And these baby boy names that start with “R” should definitely be in the running.

When you name your baby, you want to go for something that’s sentimental and also defines how they will impact the world around them. And there are definitely some “R” names that will bridge that gap. Whether you want an “R” name to match someone in the family or just like how it sounds paired with your last name, it’s a fun way to get a list going of potential baby boy names.

Initially, when you think of “R” boy names, you might get stuck on longtime forerunners like Robert, Ryan, or Richard. But that’s one reason why this list of “R” baby boy names comes in handy. Laid out here are a lot more options you may not initially consider. The “R” name family goes deep, and many of them have a unique ring to them. They include names that are playful, unconventional, and intriguing. (And, surprisingly, there are a lot of meanings related to wolves.)

Once you’ve narrowed your choices, don’t feel pushed to make a decision right away. Say it a few times, call the name in the house to see how it feels, or even email your family to see what they think. Have fun with it and choose what feels right.



Riley is a unisex name with such a fun sound, and can be spelled in a few different ways. This popular baby boy “R” name is Irish and means “courageous.”



If you’re keen on the name Ryan, Rylan has a nice twist to it. It’s interesting how adding one letter can add a fresh zing to it. Plus, “Ry” is such a cool nickname. Rylan is a gender-neutral Old English name meaning “land where Rye is grown.”



Ronan is an “R” boy name you can take on. It’s strong, unique, and perfect for your fierce little boy. It’s risen in popularity from #315 in the U.S. to #274 top names chosen, according to the Social Security Adminstration.



Reuben is an “R” boy’s name with such an elegant sound. It has declined in popularity over time, but there’s no reason you can’t bring the Hebrew name back for your boy. If you’ve had a strong desire for a son, this is your pick. The name Reuben literally means “behold, a son.”



The name Romeo is always a reminder of young love, and is a romantic “R” boy name. But I also think of the vibrant and energetic personality of the rapper Lil’ Romeo. The Italian name Romeo means “pilgrim to Rome, Roman,” so it’s a nice choice if you have a connection to the city.



The Spanish name Rafael is a boy’s name that means “God has healed.” What a beautiful name that can represent recovery or even be perfect for your rainbow baby boy.



The French name Remy, which means “oarsman,” is gender-neutral, and I get it. It’s a cool name for a girl or a boy. It also works well as a twin name like Remy and Reese or Romeo.



The name Royal can work for a girl or a boy, and it stands out either way. Royal is known as a word-name because the meaning is the name. It’s an intriguing theme you can have among your children, adding names like Reign, Prince, or Duke.



Reese, normally spelled Rhys, is traditionally a Welsh boy’s name. But in the 2000s it became gender-neutral, and a great “R” baby name. No matter how you spell it, Reese is a vibe.



If you’re listing “R” baby boy names, Raymond is bound to come to mind. It’s German for “wise protector,” and if you like the nickname Ray, this one just works.



The “R” baby boy name Rodney is English for “island near the clearing.” If you’re a water-loving family, you may have sentimental ties to a name like this. Your sweet body can also have a cool nickname like Rod or Ro.



Fitting right in with a Royal theme, the “R” baby boy name Reign sounds both regal and earthly at the same time. While it’s gender-neutral, the meanings differ from boy to girl. For your son, it means “little king.”



Rio is not just a place where the Blue Macaw dance. It’s also a Spanish name for a boy that means “river.” It may be outside of typical “R” names, but that’s what makes it a great choice.



Ronaldo means “powerful counsel” in English or German. And for a baby that has an old soul and wise eyes, it’ll fit perfectly. Plus, Ronnie or Ron make for cute nicknames.



Ross is an “R” baby boy name that can work easily as a first or middle name. If Friends is one of your favorite shows, you may be keen on choosing this one. It’s English and Scottish and means “upland, peninsula.”



Rico comes from the Spanish language and means “dominant ruler.” Interestingly, all the Ricos I’ve known have had big personalities. If you already suspect that your boy will take charge, definitely consider Rico.



Rashad is a friendly “R” name that pairs great with middle names like Ross or Reign. It’s Arabic and means “having good judgment,” which is what everyone hopes a baby boy grows up with.



If you had a soft heart for Rocky, the lovable underdog boxer who won’t give up, then you’ll want to put this “R” baby boy name on your list. It has English and Italian roots and means “rock or rest.”



This “R” name has held popularity in the U.S. for a while now. The baby boy name Reginald is English and means “counsel power.” There are a couple of nicknames you can use for it, like Reggie or Reg. Toss them around and see how they feel.



The movie Rudy brought the baby boy name Rudy to the forefront in a way it hadn’t previously been. It’s a gender-neutral German name that means “famous wolf.”



Raheem is a strong Arabic name. The unique sound garners attention, making your baby boy one to watch. It means “empathetic, merciful.”



Ray is often used as a nickname, but the simplicity of it is a sweet name choice for your baby boy. It means “wise protector.”



Randy is actually a gender-neutral name that means “shield-wolf.” Surprisingly, there are a few of these “R” names that carry a wolf meaning, and Randy also has a very cute, boyish vibe.



Raul is a Spanish name pronounced “rah-ool,” and means “wolf counsel.” This “R” baby boy’s name has varied in popularity over the years, but if you’re a lover of wolves, it’s one to consider.



Rowan is an often passed-over “R” name, but it has style and a distinct vibe for your baby boy. The gender-neutral name is Scottish and means “rowan tree, little red-head.”



The first time I heard the name River, I fell in love with it. It has a mystique that just pulls you in. If you love nature, this is a beautiful choice for your baby boy.



For a very long time, I’ve only known Reid as a surname. But the gender-neutral English name meaning “red-haired” has risen in popularity over the years. It’s a smart name that stands on its own, and is a great choice for an “R” baby boy name.



Ryder is a unique name that sits right outside the typical “R” boy names. It originated as a British surname and means “cavalryman, messenger.” This one feels perfect for your spunky boy.



Robert Downey Jr. (aka Iron Man) gives this name an extra layer of cool. Robert, which is English for “bright fame,” is perfect for a baby who is bound to shine. And there are plenty of nicknames to choose from if he ever wants to use one.



This sweet gender-neutral name of Ren is Japanese for “lotus.” Although it can sound dainty for a girl, it can be solid and strong for your baby boy. It also has a bit of a quirky vibe.

Don’t let the process of picking a name for your baby stress you out. Yes, it’s a big deal, but just wait for the perfect name to settle over your heart, and you’ll know you’ve found the Right one.

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30 Baby Boy Names That Start With "R," From Classic To Unique (2024)


What is a rare R name for boy? ›

More Unique Boy Names That Start With R
25.RoscoeOld Norse
26.RuadhIrish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic
6 more rows
Jun 23, 2022

What are top 100 unique boy names? ›

100 Indian names for boys with meaning:
1AvyayNew Beginning
2AnayOne who can lead by himself
3AhaanNew day
96 more rows
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What is the most popular R name for a boy? ›

Top 100 baby boy names that start with R
45 more rows
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What is the best name for R boy? ›

Baby Boy Names That Start with R
  • Rihaan. Gods chosen one, Lord Vishnu, Destroyer of enemies.
  • Rishaan. Lord Shiva, Good human being, Strong, Good, Sage, Saint, One who meditates on Lord's Name, Seeker of enlightment.
  • Reeyansh. First Ray of sunlight, Lord vishnus Ansh (Ansh = part.
  • Reyansh. ...
  • Rish*t. ...
  • Ridit. ...
  • Rudransh. ...
  • Rian.

What is a very unique boy name? ›

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24.GibBright pledge
25.KianKing, pride
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What is an unusual R name? ›

Romilly, Rooney, and Ripley are among the rarer gender-neutral names with the R initial. Rare R names for girls include lovely feminine options Rafaella and Rosamund. Uncommon boy names beginning with the letter R include Rhodes, Raleigh, and Rex.

What is the top 10 rarest name? ›

  • Romilly. Five girls. ...
  • Bee. Eight girls. ...
  • Lilac. 25 girls. ...
  • Ottilie. 25 girls. ...
  • Zebedee. Nine boys. ...
  • Lorcan. 13 boys. ...
  • Rafferty. 18 boys. ...
  • Ajax. 23 boys. He was one of the classical Greek heroes who battled on the fields of Troy - but Pamela says Ajax is a name that isn't being utilised enough by parents.
Nov 8, 2022

What's the rarest name? ›

Names Given to Fewer Than 5 Baby Boys in 2022
  • Aubin.
  • Bramwell.
  • Conran.
  • Crusoe.
  • Eisenhower.
  • Finlo.
  • Florent.
  • Gulliver.
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What god name starts with r? ›

There are several Hindu gods whose names start with the letter "R." Here are a few prominent ones:
  • Rama: Lord Rama is one of the most revered deities in Hinduism. ...
  • Radha: Radha is a beloved figure in Hindu mythology, particularly in the context of Lord Krishna. ...
  • Ravana: Ravana is a complex character in Hindu mythology,
Jun 8, 2023

What unisex name for baby starts with R? ›

Explore Unisex Baby Names That Start With R
  • Save a baby name to view it later on your Bump dashboard . It's free! Riley. gender. unisex. style. modern. popularity. origin. - pronunciation. - meaning. - View Name Details.
  • River.
  • Ryan.
  • Rowan.
  • Ryder.
  • Remi.
  • Rylee.
  • Remington.

What famous names start with the letter R? ›

Famous personalities with “R” names include Ryan Reynolds, Robin Williams, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Rowan Atkinson, Ronaldinho Gaucho, Rami Malek, Rosa Parks, Rosalind Franklin, Rachel McAdams, Rihanna, Reese Witherspoon, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Rosalía and Rashida Jones.

What does R mean in names? ›

The R symbol indicates that this word, phrase or logo is a registered trademark for the product or service.

What are baby names that start with R? ›

  • Save a baby name to view it later on your Bump dashboard . It's free! Riley. gender. unisex. style. modern. popularity. origin. - pronunciation. - meaning. - View Name Details.
  • River.
  • Ryan.
  • Rowan.
  • Roman.
  • Robert.
  • Ruby.
  • Ryder.

What is the most used baby boy name? ›

Hundreds of thousands of parents registered their babies' names with BabyCenter this year, and the results are in: For the first time in five years, there's a new top baby boy name, with Noah overtaking Liam for the number one spot.

Is the letter R rare? ›

Among the consonants in the English language, the letter 'R' is one of the most commonly used consonants.

What God name starts with r? ›

There are several Hindu gods whose names start with the letter "R." Here are a few prominent ones:
  • Rama: Lord Rama is one of the most revered deities in Hinduism. ...
  • Radha: Radha is a beloved figure in Hindu mythology, particularly in the context of Lord Krishna. ...
  • Ravana: Ravana is a complex character in Hindu mythology,
Jun 8, 2023

What is the best name with R? ›

Popular R Names for Girls
  • Riley. Riley tops the charts as the most popular R name for girls. ...
  • Ruby. This lovely name comes from the name of a precious stone. ...
  • Raelynn. This combination of Rae (a short form of Rachel) and Lyn is another highly popular name beginning with R. ...
  • Rose. ...
  • Reagan. ...
  • Remi. ...
  • Reese. ...
  • River.
Jun 23, 2022

Is Royal a boy name? ›

Royal Origin and Meaning

Today, it's a leading boys' name on Nameberry's own popularity charts. While Royal ranks on the US Top 1000 list for both girls and boys, It's rising precipitously for boys but softening for girls.

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